Info Data Room

Virtual access
& processing

Our InfoDataRoom isn’t a conventional data room which you then add content to. The primary goal is to provide you with a service. You decide which information from the documents will be used: we then summarise this information in a clearly arranged fact sheet and present this to you along with the original document. As a result, you will only be spending a fraction of the time that you used to spend reading leases, certificates of title, etc. This simplification means you can dedicate more time to your core business or considerably increase your transaction volume. Furthermore, we assume liability for the information we extracted.

Fact Finding

This unique development shows you a compressed version of document contents in the data room.

One Click

To check the contents of the original document, you need only a single click.

German computer centre offering the highest security standards

Your documents do not leave Germany. The ISO 27001 IT baseline protection certification means we can guarantee maximum security.


Support 24/7

Our project teams are always available to assist you.

Corporate Design

We will gladly tailor our data room to your corporate design

SSL Encryption

Encrypted network connection during data room login

Q & A Tool

Using various user groups and authorisations

Online Document Viewer

So you can access original documents from anywhere


Our data room is compatible with tablets and smartphones

Intelligent filter functions

Are you searching for all utilities statements? Simply use a filter


All data room activity is systematically documented

Software as a Service

No software installation required